NEVVEN is proud to present Alles in Seinen Rahmen a solo show by German artist Erik Esso featuring new wall based sculptures presented digitally in the off—site setting of an abandoned industrial complex in Leipzig. The show is part of the NEVVEN ON SITE program.

Group show in VUNU Gallery called "CANNY FAMILY" by Eladio Aguilera, Christian Bär, Andrea Martinucci, Alex Selmeci curated by Nikolas Bernáth.

Solo exhibition by Patric Sandri at gallery multipleart, Zurich, Switzerland.

During the lockdown, on May 8, EXILE (Vienna) initiated another off-site project that is happening on a yearly basis since 2017 on top of a mountain in Thuringia, Germany. Initiated by Erik Niedling with Ingo Niermann, this years ascend was curated by Swiss-based artist Jeronim Horvat.

‘Kvartirnik’ presents five artistic positions in four different locations, reconstructing one united Viennese flat.