New work by artists Sean Donovan, Vladislav Markov, Jonathan Mildenberg will be on view at Cornell University 25 November through 09 December 2018.

Exhibition Power In The Museum by Radovan Cerevka, an important sculptor and artist from the middle generation, brings viewers works with multiple meanings.

WERK is proud to present Leopard Velvet, Spider Silk, a solo exhibition by María León (Mérida, 1984), a Spanish artist based in Berlin.

EKKM is proud to present Ingel Vaikla’s first solo exhibition You Have Become the Space. The exhibition derives from the idea that architecture and the human body may be integral to one another – architecture is changed by and dependent upon its user, while that user must adapt to the architectural environment. Two new spatial video works unfold at EKKM, their constructions designed by architects Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa.

Nika Kupyrova's solo show at Fait Galley in Brno.