AF gallery is pleased to announce the first solo show by Gabriel Stoian, Dilemma, starting Saturday, 12 of December.

The exhibition ! centers around a series of bollards alongside maintenance tools, insulation materials and inflatables. Erected throughout the city, the uniform short posts act as a stoppage: to limit traffic or obstruct passage. Marte Eknæs’ motley ensemble of bollards draws attention to their individual make-ups.

Group exhibition curated by Gino Bossa at Yudik One Gallery in Brescia.

Nicholas Warburg's solo exhibition at Galerie Anton Janizewski in Berlin.

The exhibition, a nod to the esteemed quinquennial documenta, celebrates the artists Embajada has exhibited over the past 5 years as well those we admire and look forward to collaborating with. Like its namesake, documento extends for 100 days and aims to act as both survey and forum for an international contemporary art discourse rooted in a Caribbean context.