Intermedia artist Miklós Mécs is constantly testing his own greed; he is very dedicatedly leaving his strongest ideas behind, he loves to ‘potter about, but only for a minute’ and ‘waste a lot of energy to demonstrate his indifference’.

SPERLING is pleased to host EMALIN (London) at it1s space in Munich as part of Various Others 2019, the second edition of Munich's collaborative exhibition project between local and  international galleries, off-spaces and institutions. 

Karsten Schubert London and EXILE are pleased to present a two-part solo exhibition of Vienna-born, London-based artist Tess Jaray entitled East of the West.

Jakub Jansa's solo exhibition at Fotopub Project Space In Ljubljana.

Jaroslav Kyša's exhibition at Zahorian & Van Espen Gallery in Bratislava.