Johann Arens uses installation and video to survey the documentary properties of public interiors and their inherent social textures. By deliberately placing artworks atypically he redirects attention to places in the peripheral vision. At P/////AKT he is presenting a new film project, resulting from a shared research with Dr. Alejandro Granados (Research Associate in Biomechanical Engineering at UCL London), along with furniture and educational material from the medical training centre at Amsterdam’s UMC hospital.

The representation of nature has for long interested artists (just think of the landscape genre), and was always coupled with a reflection on the relation between humans and nature.

SABOT presents the third solo show by Aline Cautis, entitled 'Searchers'.

Fukui Yusuke’s new series, Hidden Numbers consists six paintings, which are pointing on different dates from history on abstract surfaces. The basic inspiration came from the wall textures of Tokyo underground during its renewal process at the beginning of 2017.

Being engaged in a ceaseless process of negotiation and construction, the body is seen today as something which needs to be permanently invented and reinvented through strategies of self–projection, identification, rejection, adaptation, empathy, in a plural and fluid matter. The exhibition Blood, Stop, Space, Gold questions the topics of embodiment, appearance and touching through the four artistic discourses selected here.