Maria León's soloshow at Centro de Arte La Regenta Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

María León: La permanencia del objeto (Object Permanence) 
27 November, 2020 - 16 January, 2021
Centro de Arte La Regenta Las Palmas de gran Canaria (Spain)

[Sent] Oct 29 2020 15:54

Dear F .:

I have to write the text myself for the exhibition that I mentioned to you in Centro de Arte La Regenta. I always have the same dilemma when writing about my art practice; how to talk about the work from a place proper to the artist, a place other than that of the curator or the art critic, and that at the same time does not limit the viewer's experience. So I am writing to you, my friend, to talk about my work, because it seems to me a much easier and honest exercise on my part. By the way, I would like to hear from you how the relationship with E. is going.

I think that all the pieces work very well under the title ”Object Permanence”, which I like not only because it is related to the time of things but also because it is a concept of child psychology coined by Piaget. According to the Swiss psychologist, object permanence is the understanding that babies acquire after 6 months of perceiving objects without seeing, hearing or touching them. Yes, I know that everyone is going to think that I have chosen it because now I am a mother ... However, it interests me because all the works that I show could be activated from a place similar to that hinge moment in the development of children, because they seem to mean in the gap that exists between the everyday object and its weirdness, a kind of hallucinatory overlap.

I am really excited as it is my first exhibition after the birth of I. Besides, Las Palmas is a fantastic city. Who knows, maybe one day not too far away we will live here. I send you a big hug while the sun is setting from Las Canteras beach.