Curatorial group show "Wasn't it you who said that it was going to last forever?" in Athens, Greece.

“Wasn’t it you who said that it was going to last forever” 
A Maximum Spectral Density Estimation

Artists: Daedalus street (Rowena Hughes & Athanasios Argianas), Hypercomf, Petros Moris, Malvina Panagiotidi, Michail Pirgelis
Curated and Set Design by Hypercomf
Duration 22 February – 16 March 2019
Haus N, Athens

The Setting is split in two manifestations of light, darkness and brightness.
The Building, is vibrated by the satisfied, rumbling purr of the unseen hunter, maybe his eyes locked on an easy pray, maybe bellyful and outpouring intergalactic bliss. Greeted by the resonant sound of metal organisms, sensing attentively the pressure of the space around them.
The Waiting room, the awkward reflective pond, the future moment pensive of the future moment pending, you grow so slow you don’t seem to change at all.
The Office of the Fragility of Power, something is going to happen, i can feel it to the crystal of my bones, they are melting with anticipation so don’t move a muscle.
The Work Area, behind the dead-end of your skin, is the dark architecture of color, levels of manifested reflections, as a marbled matter of fact. Crawling, flying, you move so fast you don’t seem to move at all. Hunter and hunted at the same time, thinking of you and the dreamy space fertility of the human body.