Lucille Uhlrich's solo exhibition curated by Richard Neyroud at Fasan Basel in Switzerland.

Lucille Uhlrich: Feldschlüssel
Curated by Richard Neyroud
20 October - 9 November 2023
 Fasan,  Basel

Walking along the path of a watercourse that suddenly forks and encloses with its two arms an old cemetery; sitting down on a bench next to a chapel, letting your gaze wander over the landscape and suddenly falling into a deep sleep. Take this place as a home, an Alsatian house that belonged to the grandparents, remember childhood and the first attempts as a sculptor in grandfather's studio:
take the field key.

Do you hear die vergessene Melodie [La mélodie oubliée] ? Can you feel the rhythm of the seasons? That of life in the countryside? Aus Gold und Schlamm [D'or et de boue] a new union is born. Turn around without turning back, meet the memories of the field on your detour. Dreaming, losing, disappearing. The moon keeps watch. The Endzeit [La fin des temps] takes another breath.

Photo: Moritz Schermbach